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Monday, February 26, 2007

Miami Ink

Last December, I happened to watch television documentary programme: Miami Ink and got engrossed to watch it. It was only one hour programme that I mumbled for extra hour to watch. It usually shows every Sunday late night (Singapore time: 11pm). I admire Kat, Ami, Darren, Garver and Nunez for their professional tattoo art skills.
I do plan to get 2nd tattoo on my left arm - Buddha head (in colour ink) by next Wednesday evening at my friend, Mickal's shop (Spirit of Tattoos) that is located in 77B Boat Quay. My wife is going for tattoo too!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Extra Income from internet SOUNDS GOOD but...

I read Darren Rowse's article about how blogger make money from blogs. It sounds so good but I think that I need to read it carefully to make good sense of this. Everyone needs to have extra income. Yes, I also want to make extra income but need good understanding on Internet marketing.

Having blogs get good and bad karma, you know what?
Good Karma
1. Helps to improve your English skills much better.
2. Collects more information generally from worldwide.
3. Share laughter and sorrow with people you know very well.
4. Make extra income from Internet
Bad Karma
1. Hackers at large
2. Being banned by Google, WordPress and other blog sites anytime if bad deeds on blogs.
3. Make W.T.F. comments/remarks on other blogs

OK,guys. I better scram myself first to read ProBlogger site now.

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SEO Expert, Jim Westergren

I have not forgotten SEO Expert, Jim Westergren and finally came to his blog. Ahh... I am too far away from his blog posts so I better catch up with him otherwise I will be surely lost somewhere. Heehee...

It looks like that I have to re-study this SEO.


Saturday, February 24, 2007

24 February 2007 - Happy 17th Anniversary

Recalling the wonderful day

When I was told that there would be lion dance performance soon, I was innocently puzzled because my great boss did not give me much details. Till today, I finally realised that it is my company's anniversary so we celebrated with a lot of foods and mahjong games. I took videos on lion dances around my workplace. Yucks!!! I was down on my luck at mahjong games.

I am much proud to work for them that are very kind-hearted and understanding like my own family. This company truly spices up my career life.

Friday, February 23, 2007

New Year VS Chinese New Year

New Year 2007 - Vivo City (outside PAGE Bookshop).

We were heading for St. James Power Station for clubbing and celebrating countdown of new year.

Chinese New Year 2007 (Year of Pig) - outside Vivo City main entrance

We went to Golden Village cinema for movies after our visitation to my wife's paternal grandparents.

Hey, which one, is the best photographic couple? LOL

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Marvel Comics: Ghost Rider

Last Sunday evening after visitation to my wife's dear grandparents' place, we were excited to go for movies. There was heavy downpour but it did not spoil our moods. We decided to try on Golden Village VivoCity cinema - Gold Class. When it was time to go for our movie, we were treated like Very Important Persons - being served as if we were in posh restaurant. There are 46 VIP seaters. Our seat location was at B2 and B3. They are like SIA seaters that we could almost sleep.

I have always read Marvel comics since young. My childhood hero is SpiderMan. I recalled that my childhood friends liked Superman and UltraMan and I was always outnumbered by them in comics topic. I wondered why I was not instigated to like Superman but have no idea. While admiring Ghost Rider, I regretted that I gave up halfways learning how to ride motorcycle (400cc). I may plan to retake it. Once I obtain my licence, I will reward myself with my favourite Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Street Hairdo

How is my new hairdo? Is it real STREET style? Do you like it? I like this cool hair style although its cost is expensive. ;)

Faking Muscles

Hey, I am "faking my muscles" for your education purposes. I was in Singapore Science Centre with my wife yesterday. We had not visited there for ages. We were amused at new changes and got free admission tickets from the sweet-faced middle-aged lady at ticket counter. Oh man, I wish to be a HULK man but cannot able to trim my fats off. It can't be helped that my wife and I are food lovers.

Email Health: Feverish Temperature

I hardly checked my Yahoo! email since October 2006. Now, I am looking at my email inbox with opening jaws. I have 5,000 plus unread emails to go through. I subscribed too many unnecessary email groups. This reallys kills my sweet sleep. Ahh... I better hit on my cosy pillow now. It's now 3.30am. I always get late for work. It is the bad habit that I have to kick out otherwise I get into hot soup everytime.

Welcome to Year of Pig and Farewell to Year of Dog!

My every years are commonly incoming and outgoing with some incomplete resolutions. I had been trying very harder to make my resolution successful but due to many, many choices, I sometimes aborted my plans and also delayed some plans relating to my needs. I better get more serious about getting my old resolutions done before the end of 2007.
I had wonderful three days' holiday - Chinese New Year although I am non-Chinese but my wife is modern Chinese. I bid farewell to Year of the Dog and welcome Year of the Pig, hoping for the best year I have achieved. Ahh... I am now in 30s and no longer in young adulthood. I better watch out for my health's sake. Health is always WEALTH!

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