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Monday, February 26, 2007

Miami Ink

Last December, I happened to watch television documentary programme: Miami Ink and got engrossed to watch it. It was only one hour programme that I mumbled for extra hour to watch. It usually shows every Sunday late night (Singapore time: 11pm). I admire Kat, Ami, Darren, Garver and Nunez for their professional tattoo art skills.
I do plan to get 2nd tattoo on my left arm - Buddha head (in colour ink) by next Wednesday evening at my friend, Mickal's shop (Spirit of Tattoos) that is located in 77B Boat Quay. My wife is going for tattoo too!


kylebeabo said...

Yeah, that's a really cool show.

Thomas said...

sigh... i missed the chance of getting new tattoo again due to my tight timetable.

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