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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Marvel Comics: Ghost Rider

Last Sunday evening after visitation to my wife's dear grandparents' place, we were excited to go for movies. There was heavy downpour but it did not spoil our moods. We decided to try on Golden Village VivoCity cinema - Gold Class. When it was time to go for our movie, we were treated like Very Important Persons - being served as if we were in posh restaurant. There are 46 VIP seaters. Our seat location was at B2 and B3. They are like SIA seaters that we could almost sleep.

I have always read Marvel comics since young. My childhood hero is SpiderMan. I recalled that my childhood friends liked Superman and UltraMan and I was always outnumbered by them in comics topic. I wondered why I was not instigated to like Superman but have no idea. While admiring Ghost Rider, I regretted that I gave up halfways learning how to ride motorcycle (400cc). I may plan to retake it. Once I obtain my licence, I will reward myself with my favourite Harley Davidson motorcycle.

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- lisa - said...

my hubby, i am very proud to hear "my wife" from you. hehe... i love you very much... finally, i read your latest post... cool movie... you were over-excited when you caught some trilling scene of this movie... your behaviour was really cute...

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