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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Extra Income from internet SOUNDS GOOD but...

I read Darren Rowse's article about how blogger make money from blogs. It sounds so good but I think that I need to read it carefully to make good sense of this. Everyone needs to have extra income. Yes, I also want to make extra income but need good understanding on Internet marketing.

Having blogs get good and bad karma, you know what?
Good Karma
1. Helps to improve your English skills much better.
2. Collects more information generally from worldwide.
3. Share laughter and sorrow with people you know very well.
4. Make extra income from Internet
Bad Karma
1. Hackers at large
2. Being banned by Google, WordPress and other blog sites anytime if bad deeds on blogs.
3. Make W.T.F. comments/remarks on other blogs

OK,guys. I better scram myself first to read ProBlogger site now.

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